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The spot of Campione del Garda is the only beach dedicated to the practice of kitesurfing on Garda Lake that offers the possibility to practice both with Ora and Peler, the two main winds of the Benaco.
The spot is managed by ASD Kitecampione, which provides its members with assistance in the water and on land.

Campione del Garda is the lakeside fraction of the municipality of Tremosine in the province of Brescia, perfectly inserted in the coastal strip of the Alto Garda Bresciano Regional Park.
It offers scenery of particular beauty passing from the Riviera, with its climatic characteristics and Mediterranean footprint, to the mountainous hinterland where in a short time you can reach through spectacular trails, altitudes above 1800 meters.
The climate is temperate sub-Mediterranean, with average temperatures of 30 C° in summer and 10 C° in winter, which differentiate it from the other more humid and cold pre-alpine lakes.
Sporting activities in Campione are linked to sailing, thanks to the winds that blow intensely from dawn to dusk, making it a paradise for kitesurfing and sailing.


From spring to autumn winds from south and north always sideshore, together with thermal breezes with intensity from 12 to 25 knots


Summer water 24 C° // air 30 C°
Winter water 8 C° // air 10 C°


Two boats available for rescue in case of difficulty for a fee from 8 € per rescue. The service is not guaranteed.


Bars, restaurants and small supermarket at 100 meters. Accommodation, B&B and hotels nearby. Find an establishment here!


The KITE AREA of Campione del Garda is managed and regulated by A.S.D. KiteCampione in agreement and collaboration with the owner of the state concessions. The qualified staff is available for assistance services on land and in water every day, including holidays, from 08:00 to 18:00, from April 1 to October 30.
The staff and organizations present are responsible for enforcing the safety and handling rules of the beach regulation.
The behavior in water is regulated by the rules of the State Property and navigation on Garda Lake, Lombardy Regional Law No. 20 of 16/08/1994 as well as the "Precedence and safety rules F.I.V.".


■ Be duly registered with A.S.D. KiteCampione by paying the membership fee and the institutional activities fee for the current year;
■ Assume all responsibility, risk and danger in the use of the kiteboarding area and its facilities and in the practice of kiteboarding;
■ Be in possession of a liability insurance specifically for kiteboarding with a minimum coverage of 500.000 Euros;
■ Be in a medical and psychophysical condition suitable for kiteboarding, certified by a qualified physician;
■ The practice of kiteboarding is allowed from the age of 12, up to the age of 18 kiteboarders must be accompanied by a parent or guardian;
■ They must be in possession of a level III license ( proficiency and safety in navigation);
■ Be in possession of fully functional kiteboarding equipment;
■ Have a currently functioning Safety System that allows the body to be quickly released from the kite in case of need, as well as a safety device that allows the kite to be opened in order to then deflate it;
■ Wear an approved life jacket;
■ Have a cutter knife for the case of emergency;
■ Know the specific conditions of the location: Winds, turbulence, safe areas for entry and exit;
■ know that the fee for a rescue service by Kitecampione staff is € 8,00 for members in Ora, € 16,00 in Peler and € 50,00 for non-members. The service is not guaranteed..


In order to avoid dangerous situations and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to kitesurf, due to the special design of the kite area, it is mandatory to strictly follow the following rules of conduct in order to create a cooperative atmosphere:
■ In the kite zone, each member may place only one inflated kite, neatly arranged, with the lines wrapped around the bar;
■ The launch corridor must be kept clear of kites at all times; excess or poorly arranged kites may be deflated and removed by the supervisor;
■ During the starting phase, it is mandatory to be assisted;
■ Only one kite can take off from the launch corridor at a time; this sequence must be completed in the shortest possible time and with the greatest possible safety;
■ The upwind area must be used for launching; The downwind area must be used for re-entry and may be used for launching at the discretion of the staff;
■ Know and follow the right-of-way and sailing rules;
It is advisable to carry a waterproof cell phone case so that you can contact rescue personnel if necessary.


■ To fly kites outside the kite area;
■ To keep the kite in the air for a long period of time, unless you want to make small adjustments in a short time and with assistance;
To approach the shore less than 150 meters while kiting;
To come back to the beach in the swimming area;
■ To carry out courses within the above-mentioned state concessions that are not organized by SWS, KiteCampione or by the persons expressly authorized by them;
■ To carry out commercial or promotional activities within the aforementioned concessions, if not organized by SWS, KiteCampione or by any person expressly authorized by them;
■ Smoking in the kite area by the sails.